Global Foundries

EUROPRACTICE provides access to the following GLOBALFOUNDRIES technologies.

GF’s SiGe 8XP technology drawn at 130nm features low noise figures, high linearity, gain, breakdown and operating voltages, together with simplified impedance matching and excellent thermal stability. Advanced SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBTs) provide superior low-current and high-frequency performance while enabling the technology to operate at high junction temperatures.
GF 130LPThe comprehensive, highly-configurable and production-proven 130nm Low Power process enables integration of logic, RF, analog and non-volatile memory to provide a cost effective solution. GLOBALFOUNDRIES is also the first foundry to offer a 130 nm EEPROM solution. This process flavour offers 1.5 V (Core) and 3.3 V (I/O) solutions, including 2 core device Vt’s and plug-in modules for mixed-signal, high voltage and RF. The other features include high endurance and low power EEPROM module, twin retrograde wells on P-substrate, MIM capacitor, eFuse fuse/macro, high quality passives, diodes and inductors.
GF 130BCDLiteThe GF 130BCDLite process is tailored for cost-effective mobile/consumer applications: DC-DC, AC-DC, PMIC, Wireless and Quick Charging. The process offers 5V CMOS baseline with 1.5V LP CMOS, N-epi and junction isolation, high-performance power and high-voltage transistors, HRES, Zener diode, MIM and MOM capacitors. The Isolated 5V to 40V Low Rsp power devices offer optimal trade-off between performance and cost. The eFlash has an endurance >10k.
GF 90WG Si-Photonics
This 90nm silicon photonics technology features best-in-class performance in key parameters, including SOI waveguide loss, undercut thermal phase shifter, input/output single mode fiber fiber-to-chip coupling loss and optical return loss. Moreover, it has Mach-Zehnder Interferometer (MZI) and photodiode bandwidth. You can find more information on GLOBALFOUNDRIES Si-Photonics here.
GF 55LPeThe GLOBALFOUNDRIES 55nm Low Power enhanced process is the base platform in 55nm node, offering multiple Vt options such as LVt, RVt and Hvt, operating at a core Vdd of 1.2V. The process offers several resistors, APMOM, MIM & MOS Caps, 5V EDMOS and eFuse.
GF 55LPe-RFBuilt on the company’s low power enhanced (LPe) platform, the 55nm RFCMOS technology combines the benefits of a rich baseline logic technology and IP ecosystem with world-class RF features and PDKs, enabling a seamless transition to digital logic SoCs with higher levels of RF integration. Using a multi-Vt baseline logic process the 55nm LPe-RF technology adds RF-specific features such as Deep n-well devices, LDMOS/EDMOS FETs, Parasitic bipolar devices, MOS/HA varactors, Precision resistors, MIMcaps/MOMcaps, Inductors and Thick metals.
GF 55LPx-NVMBuilt on the 55nm Low Power extended (LPx) base platform with 1.2V and 2.5V CMOS logic, the 55LPx-NVM offers consumer and automotive grade embedded NVM for MCU, IoT, NFC, Bluetooth and WiFi applications. This module offers high density eFlash and HV devices in addition to the base platform features such as DG I/O, multi-Vt transistors, SRAM, DNwell and MIMCaps.
45RFSOI takes advantage of a 45nm partially-depleted SOI server-class technology base that has been extensively evaluated for use in mmWave applications and in high volume production at multiple GF fabs since 2008. Today, this baseline process has RF-centric enablement, topped with device and technology additions, including thick copper and dielectric back-end-ofline (BEOL) features which enable 45RFSOI to handle the demanding performance requirements of 5G solutions.
GF 40LPGLOBALFOUNDRIES 40LP process technology platform is ideal for power- and price-sensitive mobile and wireless applications with flexible mixed-technology options for RF, low voltage and automotive. This baseline process features 1.1V CMOS logic, 4 core device Vts, 2.5V I/O with Overdrive (3.3V) and Underdrive (1.8V) options, and 1.8V I/O with Underdrive (1.5V) option. The PDK also includes APMOM, MIM and MOS capacitors, eFuse macro and a large suite of passive devices. A wide choice of productized metal stack options are available.
GF 40LP-RF/mmWaveUsing a multi-Vt baseline logic process, the 40nm LP-RF/mmWave technology adds RF-specific features such as Deep n-well devices, LDMOS, Parasitic bipolar devices, MOS varactor, Precision resistors, MIMcaps/MOMcaps, Inductors, Thick metals and Transmission lines. The mmWave library includes passive structures such as Microstrip line, co-planar waveguide, slow-wave co-planar waveguide, 45/90 degree bend, tee junction.
GF 28SLPThe GLOBALFOUNDRIES 28 Super Low Power (SLP) process technology platform is optimized for power, performance and die cost. The 1.0V baseline PDK offers thin and medium oxide I/Os, 4 core transistors, SRAM, APMOM/NVCAP, Inductor, Dnwell and 5V LDMOS with underdrive option.
GF 28SLP-RFThe GLOBALFOUNDRIES 28SLP-RF addon module is ideal for power and price sensitive applications in mobile, wireless, consumer and other markets, that require GHz performance with flexible mixed-technology options for RF. In addition to the baseline library, the RF kit offers BEOL stacks with Ultra Thick Metal, Poly resistor and RF models.
GF 22FDSOI22nm FD-SOI transistor technology delivers FinFET-like performance and energy-efficiency, including up to 70% lower power vs. 28nm. The simultaneous high Ft /high Fmax, high self gain and high current efficiency of 22FDX enables efficient, ultra low power analog/RF/mmWave designs. The process offers four core device Vt’s (FBB, RBB & eLVT), two I/O Vt’s @ 1.2V/1.5V/1.8V, full set of active and passive devices, LDMOS (3.3V/5.0V/6.5V), Low power: 0.4V to 0.8V Vnom, Reference flow for back-gate biasing, RF BEOL with ultra thick metal stacks. The eMRAM module supports fully integrated, versatile memory for storage and compute for IoT and MCU.