Design contest
for CORNERSTONE’s Silicon Photonics 340nm SOI passives technology

CORNERSTONE and EUROPRACTICE are launching a design contest for users of CORNERSTONE’s Silicon Photonics 340nm SOI passives technology.

Silicon Photonics 340nm technology

This technology platform is ideal for datacoms, telecoms, quantum photonics, LIDAR, and more. The CORNERSTONE open source, license free rapid prototyping platform offers unparalleled flexibility in its MPW runs, with the option to customise certain steps.


The technology has three silicon etch depths: 140 nm, 240 nm & 340 nm, with TiN based thermal phase shifters and the option for no top cladding if heaters are not required.

SiPh 340nm technology
SiPh technology
About the contest

The first place winner will get a free prototype fabrication (excluding packaging) of one standard (11.47mm x 4.9mm) block size design on CORNERSTONE Si-Photonics 340 nm SOI Passives on 17th December  2021 – representing a value of over 9,000 €. Second place will be awarded a 50% discount, and third place will get a 25% discount.


Who can apply?
Researchers from academic institutions and research institutes that have never prototyped in the CORNERSTONE SiPh 340nm technology before.


How to apply?
Download and fill in a two-page application template. You can submit it via email to
Multiple applications can be submitted, but a maximum of one design per university or research institute can be approved.

When are the deadlines?
Submission of proposals is open until October 1st, 2021.
The design has to be taped out on the December 2021 Si Photonics 340nm SOI MPW run.
Proposals will be evaluated by an independent committee and the winners will be informed before October 15th, 2021.


What are the evaluation criteria?

  • Novelty of the application of Si Photonics 340nm technology
  • Proposed design methodology
  • Clarity of application and credibility of case
  • How this will lead to further research and/or funding applications


We are looking forward to your applications!

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