EUROPRACTICE introduces a new flexible mini@sic 2.0 solution for TSMC technologies and provides access to the standard cell backend views

In collaboration with TSMC, the EUROPRACTICE partner imec reinvents the concept of mini@sic by introducing a new flexible pricing plan. In addition, customers will now receive access to the backend views.

Starting from January 2021, EUROPRACTICE offers minimum MPW (Multi-Project-Wafer) areas as low as 1 (one) mm2 for 28nm and 65nm technologies by TSMC. In addition, customers are free to choose the X and Y dimensions of the minimum area. Of course, submitted designs can be larger than 1mm2. In this case, additional charges per 0.1mm2 apply.


For TSMC 180nm and 40nm technologies the minimum areas are a bit higher, but the aspect-ratio and add-on area freedom remains. You can see it in our updated pricelist below.


Another great news is that customers can get access to the backend views of standard cell libraries, as long as there is a tape out plan. The access-request should be sent to with reference to the technology, tape out plan, ASIC function, end application, project name and required libraries.

New flexible pricing for TSMC mini@sic 2021

You can find more information on the new TSMC offer in the EUROPRACTICE Pricelists 2021 and MPW Schedules 2021. You can also explore TSMC technology details.


EUROPRACTICE introduced the concept of mini@sic to lower minimum prototyping charges for small ASIC designs. mini@sics are particularly small minimum areas on selected MPW runs. This solution offers lower prototype fabrication costs than General MPW runs.


The design registration deadline for all TSMC General MPW and mini@sic runs is 3 months before the GDS submission dates in the MPW Schedules.


For any questions, please contact

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