EUROPRACTICE provides access to the XMB10 MEMS process from X-FAB in MPW mode.


The MEMS industry has many challenges with many unique processes and long development times. When time-to-market is critical, X-FAB offers a solution with ready-to-use processes, such as Open Platform technology XMB10 for 3-Axis Inertial Sensors.

Technology characteristics
Single, double or triple axis inertial sensor using cavity SOI wafer based technology.
Sensor elements formed by silicon DRIE process.
Optional top and bottom metal layers.
Top cap wafer: Silicon with etched cavities and bond pad openings.
Cost effective wafer level packaging by wafer bonding.
Special features
Recessed fingers enable sensing in Z-direction.
100% efficient silicon mass possible.
Refilled isolated trenches.
Metal connections to the movable sensor structures.
Wire crossing allowed.
Small device size.
Low parasitic capacitances.
Low inside cavity pressure.

Here you can check out the list of extra Technology Options available via EUROPRACTICE: