Access & Contacts



The EUROPRACTICE partner Tyndall is responsible for providing access to the LioniX TripleXTM technologies and packaging options.


Please, follow these steps:

1 – Sign and return necessary documents

Please complete the Expression of Interest form and email it in PDF format to

2 – Download technology files

Upon receipt of the completed expression of interest form, the Technical Contact will get a link to download the Design Rules Manual. Technical Contact is the person responsible for downloading technology files and managing documents. Note that this person should be a permanent staff member. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our colleagues at Tyndall (see the contact details below).

3 – Register and submit your design
  • Register your design via Design Registration form and reserve a spot in in one of the scheduled runs.
  • Submit the design before the deadline mentioned in the corresponding run schedule.


Silicon Nitride TripleXTM  Technology Information

Dr. Ramsey Selim


Tel: +353(0)21 234 6613