EUROPRACTICE customers can access the following CEA-Leti technologies.


CEA-Leti, a technology research institute at CEA Tech, pioneers micro and nanotechnologies, tailoring differentiating applicative solutions that ensure competitiveness in a wide range of markets. The institute tackles critical challenges such as healthcare, energy, transport and ICTs. 


The EUROPRACTCE partner CMP provides access to CEA-Leti technologies that include the following options:

  • the HCMOS9A ST Microelectronics technology coupled with CEA-LETI post-process OxRAM Non volatile memory
  •  the CEA-Leti’s versatile Si-SiN Photonics platform, which allows miniaturization, power efficiency, cost reduction and scalability of photonic integrated circuits (PIC)
  • a set of post-processes allowing various types of 3D assemblies