Access & Contacts

Standard cell libraries for UMC technologies are provided by the UMC foundry and by Faraday Technology Corporation:


  • For 18µm technologies: Standard cell libraries are provided by Faraday.
  • For 11µm: Both Faraday and UMC have (free) libraries available.
  • For 65nm and 55nm: Standard cell libraries are available from UMC.


All libraries can be downloaded from Querio.


EUROPRACTICE has a memory compiler available to generate front-end views for selected memory instances. These views are provided by request.


Available memory types (single port, dual port, register file etc.) differ per technology and can be checked through below links.

According to the arrangement with Faraday, EUROPRACTICE receives a time-limited full license, with which full layout can be generated at the tape-out deadline.

EUROPRACTICE performs the IP merge as a free service. Please notify us well up-front if your design contains such memories so that we can arrange necessary license(s) with Faraday.


Please check Terms and Conditions to access Faraday.